Saturday, December 25, 2010

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Marla Marla Marla!!

The Ark Church has an outreach that blesses the community every month by doing minor repairs and such, and the JoyHouse is on their list. Marla first heard of the JoyHouse when she came with the group on one of those visits.

While working on a project at the house..... she noticed a room that seemed to cry out to her. Marla called and asked if she could please "adopt" the room and give it a sprousing up.

OMG! Single handedly she covered up the old dark paint with this beautiful warm mint green, she replaced the mini blinds with lovely drapes, and she has stripped the entire french door and topped it with a badly needed fresh coat of paint. She has made the dark and dreary tv room/nursery into a warm and cuddly inviting happy baby room.

Then out of the blue she stops by loaded with gifts for under the tree. God Bless Marla.