Thursday, August 1, 2013

Laundry Room Very Close to COMPLETION!

With the completion of this laundry room, the washer, dryer and deep freeze will be moved out of the kitchen. This will greatly increase our kitchen space making it possible for more than one pregnant person at a time to to be digging through the cabinets and refrigerator. They are always hungry you know.  

All of the electrical and all of the plumbing and all of the air ducts are complete, thanks to Edward Stalling and Onno Krelage (Grace Int) and Billy Griffin (Freedom Fellowship) and Samuel Alison (Crown Covenant Church) and of course Don Mapston (Christ the King).  All we need is $540.00 for the insulation, drywall, mud, and plywood to complete this project.   

If you would like to donate towards this room you can choose from the following ways to contact us.  

Thank you!

The JoyHouse PO Box 2872 Conroe, Texas